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i realised that whenever i feel like blogging, its always cause God has done something for me. awww, God ((:

i'd been doing some shopping. GSS dude cant blame me! but my last purchase of a dress (which i am going to save for my uncle's wedding!!) had me quite quite broke for abit.

and so when july 11 - one and a half year anniversary! rolled around, i wanted to skip service to go for dinner w the boyfriend and make up for it by churching at Heart of God the next day. but the boyfriend was late in coming down so i decided t hang ard abit. During worship i then decided to stay for offering time, despite knowing that i was short of cash. i told God that hey, im gonna stay and give this to you God. and im gonna trust that you're gonna help me find something within budget for the boyfriend: birthday 30th July.

about two weeks passed and i was desperately trying to find something for him. nianci and youying can testify to that ;) and finally. just a few days ago the boyfriend and i found a bag going for 15bucks. but i only had 13 bucks on me and i really wanted to buy it for him. so we went looking around for other bags but decided that was the nicest. we went back to the shop and bargained the bag down to 12 bucks. this being the same shop where i got my bag for 25. wooooots!

today, pastor vic's farewell. it was a rather teary event. and i was crying not just from the really emotional thank you speeches but also from just plain missing the boyfriend. haha. so we were praying for him. and i got this picture of an explosive fountain of water. the main body was startling blue and there was such a violent propelling force that the water branched out to the ends of that picture and there was lots and lots of froth. so i told pastor vic that i think God was telling him that he's called to break new waters and that he'll have a great impact on lots of people. pastor vic, the unstoppable hulk :D

then came the confirmations. alina had a picture of a plant that explosively burst and scattered its seeds. abby had a picture of a plant that reached up to the heavens and she believed that there was lots of fruit right at the top. i think we're all in agreement that pastor vic will indeed see success in his new venture (:


today is easter sunday! :D

and once again i look upon the cross where you died

alina got me started reading the books of Corinthians! i chose it cos yeah right now my mind is filled with questions about the supernatural and that seems like a good place to get started, what with the letters talking about spiritual gifts and such. and currently the passage im stuck on is so apt for this season.

1 Corinthians 1:18
"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
For it is written: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate."
Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philospher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?
For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.
Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom,
but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,
but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.
For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength."

Indeed, the bible seems so illogical at times, with apparent contradictions and paradoxical concepts that make sceptics out of readers.Take for example, the Jews' rejection of Jesus as the Messiah. The Messiah was expected to be one that established his kingdom on earth, as was prophesised in the Old Testament. So when Jesus came declaring himself as the Messiah, yet did not overthrow Caesar (the Romans were ruling over the Jews), the Jews simply could not accept him as he did not fit into their idea of what the Messiah should be. This notion that Jesus was a false prophet seemed to be confirmed when he died on the cross. After all, death is the final-est of the final, no? But Jesus is the embodiment of all ironies that exist in life! Not only did he die in order to establish his kingship when you would expect a king to sit comfortably on his golden throne with servants at his beck and call, he destroyed death's power over all of us by being raised to life on the third day. He is truly victorious by trumping the one thing that everyone and everything has to surrender to!

This basic concept of Jesus' death being the victory that saves us seems like such foolishness. Sometimes the more you try to reason it out, the more you're convinced that this is totally false doctrine. Then you read philosphers and psychological theories and you feel like yeah, these make so much more sense. And you choose to follow the wisdom of the world, which really is foolishness. Just because you cannot comprehend the divinity and the total AMAZING-ness of God, doesnt mean that you should strike it off. Give God a chance, guys!


1. A person that is absolutely magnificent in every aspect a human being can be. Someone that is an excellent friend and a fantastic lover. Someone that is trustworthy and honest. Attractive and absolutely gorgeous. Charlene is a person that is unselfish and understanding. Someone that may get lost in the darkness, but once in the light can make a person grin until their cheeks ache. Charlene is someone that has the ability to soothe and calm a person in distress. Someone that deserves everything she desires without second thoughts. She deserves the best of the best and nothing less.

Charlene is a unique name for an incredibly special person. Someone that cannot be found anywhere else and no one can mimic.

Charlene is the one and only.
I love her for she is Charlene.

in short, youth culture proclaims me as a total goddess. i think i like it :D

2. Replaces the traditional slang word for cocaine charly, charley and more commonly ching. The feminine term gives it a more affectionate edge when referring to cocaine and can also be used discreetly during telephone conversations; Is charlene going to the party tonight? is one way of communicating whether the person you are talking to will have cocaine.
got any charlene?, is charlene going to the party?

i make you high. so please invite me to your birthday party.

3. A cold sore around oral area caused by herpes type 1 or type 2.
When someone is looking at you and you have a Charlene, all they see is Charlene.

please ignore the definition but remember that it dont matter whether you've got prada specs or pasar malam ones, all you will ever see is me.

4. Charlenes are girls who can't survive without some sort of male presence in their life and will even threaten to kill herself if said male decides to leave her for a better woman. Charlenes will become pregnant on purpose to keep said male and be extremely jealous of any other female influence in males life unless she is his mother. Charlenes will alienate all of said males friends as she wants him all to herself causing said male to become a secretive man hoar and shagg anything with a pussy. Charlenes are self obsessed, narcissistic, hateful women with nothing better to do than to complain and try and draw attention to herself
"Don't be a Charlene now!!!"

hohoho boyfriendddddd! seems like you're walking on quicksand.

note to kel: THIS IS JUST A JOKE! (he can't distinguish between jokes and facts of life)

to balance out the absolute narcissism of those highly flattering passages, let's see who else we've got here ...


1. A term for baby kangaroo.
But not only that, it is Australian slang for a person usually youn, who is very bouncy, energetic, and sometimes may act a little violent and crazy
I was at the bar hittin on some damn Joey's girlfriend and he hit me in the face!

ok i'll spare us all the other definitions, its rather vulgar and i think joey would rather die than see her name used in conjuction with those adjectives and all. plus the youth culture refuses to accept that there are female joeys in this world, im sorry jo :(


1.(n) an act of violence; (v) to be violent I got so mad, I went kelvin and threw a PS2 controller in her face.

wife-beater syndrome much?

2. An extremely perverted person
That dude is such a Kelvin.

if everyone agrees with this, the world will know what a true kallang wave is.

3. To describe a cool asian guy
Dude I cant believe that Kelvin guy boned that hot asian chick!

erm. nice definition tho.

on a sidenote, straits times home came out with a section on 25 random things about singaporean youth. one in particular caught my eye:

it appears that the self-professed love guru needs to do some extra work! at least mel thinks the bag is nice :D




What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Being Alone

While you may act like you don't care on the outside, on the inside your biggest fear is being alone. You can be quite shy and reserved. You feel like a lot of times people don't really see the real you. You're afraid that no one will really truly love you, and that you will be alone for the rest of your life. On the inside you are great person, so just remember that and don't let your shy nature get the best of you! If you don't want to be a lone then you need to make an effort to be with someone. Show the people that you care about that you really love them, and chances are someone will always be there, even if you think they won't.

Where Your life is Going
Losing Someone
Looked down on
What is your True Fear?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

& Pastor Debbie heard my cry from God during camp last year (:


haha hello everyone i know i havent been posting and the readership of this blog has probably declined to sub-zero or something but i have such important things to say that ive conquered my laziness and here i am and i hope this blesses you :)

well today was so awesome. Youth Evangelistic Rally! well i was kinda disappointed when some people i asked didnt come and i was holding out so much hope... but i understand that sometimes the time isnt right and sometimes you're just not ready. so i'll be patient :D

for cell there was three new comers! and yup we were playing truth or dare in cell of all things even tho i was like errrrrrr ferdi are you sure you want to play that but he was so obstinate now look where that got him answering sensitive questions sheesh. yup so laughing away in cell and everything was just the bomb and yeah thanks ferdi for being such a clown that it makes the whole world laugh and thanks also for taking the dirty work of disciplining of my hands.

after that to the plaza for the pre-service party! it's really alot more happening now than before. what with a choir and one-man show secondhand serenade style, donuts! on trays, plus the usual hospitality drinks anddddddd prophetic drawing! myohmy  i really hoped that blessed some people. it was abit crowded tho.

then into service and everyone went up to the altar area except for me cos i was waiting for aravind. who was such a dear to turn up just to accompany me. sigh i wish it wasnt just another chapel for you, tho somewhat livelier. butbutbut! here comes the exciting part.

Isabel brought a friend, Anni, and she accepted Christ! oh and i was so awkward and fumbling in asking her to repeat the sinner's prayer after me because it was like my first time ever so my sentences were long and confusing and i think she barely understood me, so thank God for sam who prayed with her after that too :D

& then surprise surprise there was samantha from our cell! ohhhhhhhh that girl i thought she accepted Christ but she hadnt before this i keep getting my feelings cheated seriously but then again im just so happy that today our cell celebrates two new salvations :D

praise God (:

mm and on top of that ive been really blessed by people prophesying over me both ytd and tdy.

on fri, nat chin saw a paper boat for me. and you know paper boats are flimsy but this one was sturdy. however right after that, she saw the paper boat breaking and she also saw me walking on water with Jesus.

today, Jamie told me that God is the shelter from the rain, but He's also the cleansing rain.

it sounds like two really different things but what struck me was the whole irony of both of these prophecies. then i drew a parallel. Just as God is my shelter from the rain, He's also my sturdy paper boat. Paper because it requires faith to make that paper boat a boat. and just as God's the cleansing rain, sometimes my Rock has to let trials and temptations slip thru his shield around me, in order that in the end, as i conquer these tribulations, i will be victorious and will walk on water with Jesus :D

Ferdi also saw a water cycle for me. Alina saw a little cartoon character, something to the effect of super Mario, growing and growing and growing. and these are confirmations of each other because just as the water cycle is renewable, i will keep growing nonstop because God will also renew me :D

hellllllllllo God you are jus so awesome!


you've been such a great and faithful friend, always listening to my rants so patiently. hahaha. so yeap allow me to support you during this time! i'll be praying for your grandma and all.

taken when we went back for sc netball camp!

have an awesome birthday <3


haha i realise this is taking really long. but im not exactly sure what else to blog, so i'll just carry on with south africa!

lets educate you on a famous personality, namely Dr. Nelson Mandela! Previously a president of South Africa who struggled through a million years of jail and came out the other side victorious.

bro goes gaga over souvenirs! so did i. spent 75 sing over budget ack.

mysterious smoke that darkened the horizon. tskk environment's bad enough man.

seriously street marketing! some actually stand so fearlessly in the middle of the road.

tell me Singaporean street gratifiti artists wont die for this long stretch of wall

what you expect africa to look more like. south africa is one of the richest on that dark continent though. but it still has its share of settlements.

roasting pork in the open country!

zoom function on the camera rocks! i wanted to try that.

borehole? www.dictionary.com

now that's what all female toilet signs should look like. we dont all emulate britney spears!

Coke leaves its mark everywhere

bro tries to make it big!

course im more interested in living life in the fast lane

and that's why im registered for an A level course and im feelin' it baby!

2008 back-to-back action

2008 ended with a bang! december hols were totally out of the house.

1. parents' cell retreat in johor
2. south africa!
3. touch rug camp
4. malacca the usual
5. treasure hunt!

you can imagine ive got tons of photos and with school starting soon, so much so little time has never been a more apt descriptor for what im feeling now. nonetheless the complaints ive been getting about a stagnant blog have been bugging me (and joey isnt helping!) so i decided to do something about it.

i'll post about south africa because holidays for my family are rare. and i think they've just about come to an end :(

anyway this is the brother at changi airport! singapore really takes its green image seriously.

Right after touchdown, we were whisked away to a gold mine.

This sign has something you'll never see in singapore.

bang bang, you shot me down

my tour guide is WIMPY :D

fearful of 2009? get a consultation trust in God. ;D

tell me who's the pro photographer here! haha and i bet this flyer doesnt run out of electricity for seven hours, forcing the poor people stuck inside the carriages to hold their pee.

entering the mine in PCK style

truly hellholes

farewell by the traditional african dancers!

and farewell from me too, cause i gotta go order my contacts from kel's shop. more photos next time!



The Singapore Biennale was something different from what i normally classify as leisure activities like movies and shopping. Nonetheless my 5 dollars worth was well-spent.

We were first amazed by those huge caterpillars on the ground. It's not enough that i scream if one of those wriggling things fall out of a tree and land comfortably on my shoulder, this time i accidentally kick its magnified 1000xs brother in the guts. oh i hope he wasnt mortally wounded. I bet they have a few extra of these gaping creatures lying around in a warehouse somewhere anyway. seems like some pretty random exhibit.

It got alot more interesting when the lil kiddies came screaming in and irritating the tour guide to bits when he couldnt get his well-rehearsed speech out without a lil tot interrupting him every two seconds. it was a heck lot more fascinating watching the kids than gazing at the deep green furrows in the caterpillar bodies and running your hands over their smooth bodies. Forced admiration of "art", eh.

There were certain exhibits that i recognised from the papers. Like this mega world map with little notes pasted all over it. I was offered a lil white slip of paper to leave my mark like other people had, but i decided i'd risen above my animalistic instincts. You know, the doggie urge to mark his territory. Not that I've renounced my claim on the earth, nono. I love the earth alright. I'm a green activist. I throw my litter in the bin.

and this is a book on philosophy floating in a tank of water. ghostly stuff.

The topic of my gp essay for promos was on the arts. I scored my worst ever mark for a gp essay on that one.

I think modern-day art was not meant for me.


Recovering from my viral fever, i decide to go for training anyway. skip strength and conditioning sure, but at least i'd be there in person to encourage my teammates, assure them that im not busy going out and ponning training, and also to listen in on training.

When the 985 finally came, the bus came in at a snail's pace. i stood at the end of the bustop which is where the bus normally stops, but this bus stopped at the opposite end of the bustop and then started to cruise slowly in. Got up the bus, there was a dour expression on the driver's face. Maybe i should have noted that he was pmsing. Or having a midlife crisis, whatever.

On the way to school the driver expresses his anger at the world in general by horning a few times and almost creating victims of road rage. Approaching the school, someone rings the doorbell. I wait til the bus stops before getting out of my seat. By the time i reach the back door, the other two people have gotten off. Im just trying to get off the bus and the door closes right smack on me. Now im wondering if im the reincarnation of the Invisible Man. Coupla guys in blue uniform go awwww. 

I step up to where the driver can definitely see me, and i wait for him to open the door. But im still trapped in my cage while the front door is opened to let new passengers board. I stone there for awhile hoping the back door will open but in the end i decide its not going to and begin to make my way to the front door. At this point the driver decides he needs to rush off to the next bustop so he closes the front door and moves off. I'm standing there stunned and oh, okay.

Whips out phone, dials diana, tells her i'll be late. In the meantime im trying to press bells all over the bus but none seems to be working. and those blue uniform guys and another guy were trying to be helpful by pressing bells too. I finally exclaim, the bells are all not -- and diana ends the call so i end up talking to myself. I then make my way to the front of the bus and at the moment we're at the next bustop and i tell the uncle can you please open the door thanks and scoot off the bus before he can change his mind and decide to keep me on the bus for another bus stop or so.

I walk confidently in the direction of school cause i know the people in the bus are looking. A few steps later i realise that i dont see any traffic lights. so should i walk 200 m to the overhead bridge or just continue in the direction of the unknown? at that moment Terry Fox, the inspiration and foundation of my project, would have been proud of me. I became a trail blazer. I started to carve my own path. Except of course i was cautiously keeping to the pavement cause walking on those concrete roads would be hazardous for my well-being in general. And as i took those first few steps of faith, courage, possibly foolishness, i discover that there's a zebra crossing just around the corner and i make my way towards it.

You must understand that i was in a maze of construction. A complete concrete jungle, the only birds around being cranes, the only mountains a smattering of tall buildings, the only paths available to tread the pavements. Trees turned into roads and flowers turned into cars as i shifted my mentality from the beautiful garden city ive always pictured Singapore to be to the shocking reality of life around sajc.

Standing at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green, i am still turning over the incident with the bus driver in my mind. So lost in thought that i didnt notice the green man had started walking on the spot like he tends to do after the red man gets tired of standing still. Then i notice the curious stare of a particular passenger in a shiny black car. I look up, and the green man has started to get tired of walking, he's blinking and sweating profusely. Ive no idea how long more ive left so i stand in the shade of the traffic light and wait for the next little green martian to pop up.

By the time i managed to cross that particular junction and another zebra crossing, i am confounded by yet another construction site in front of me.I want to go left it tells me to go right. But then my sharp little eyes spot another sign that says i can go left later, so i just follow law and walk on the safe pavement in the midst of that construction, my little haven that protects me from construction workers accidentally knocking me over with a shovel. I even get the opportunity to smile at one of those people who have played a part in literally building Singapore up from a small fishing village to the bustling metropolis it now is.

So there it is, my little story about The Bus Driver who had a Bad Day. Something to the effect of an Enid Blyton story, the kind i used to love. Don't ask me why i suddenly felt the desire to wax lyrical about such a mundane occurance. It just felt fun ;D



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